I heard from a friend about Leah burns and how she is experienced in tapping, aromatherapy oils and oracle card reading.

I am going through a rough time with divorce. I have a little boy who I am very close to and struggle with when he is not with me. When I first was introduced to Leah Burns I felt a sense of relieve in the positive vibes that were given off of her body. I was able to open up about everything that is going on in my life. When we talked about people that have hurt me, my heart clenched. We talked about this E.F.T (tapping). Leah knew that my heart was clenching and I was having a hard time breathing.

Together we said a little phrase about why I had this feeling in my heart and it was okay to have this feeling. We said this phrase while we tapped on the pressure points. I was blown away by how powerful this tapping was and how my heart felt relaxed. My breathing went back to normal. I felt calm, confident and knew that if I felt this feeling again I could do this tapping on my pressure points to feel better. This experience has been so helpful and I can’t say enough about how I felt after this tapping session. Leah always makes you feel welcome to come back.

Leah made me an aromatherapy oil to help me relax. She knows what type of oils to use for every occasion. The mixture I have is to help me relax and feel good about me. It makes me feel happy and bright.


I had a tapping session with Leah and was it ever a cool experience!! The issues we tapped on are now a distant memory and I honestly feel like her skill and compassion really enabled me to be relaxed and able to let go!

Highly recommend!!


Leah is a beautiful soul. She helped me tap on some childhood memories that were buried deep in my memory bank. The tapping helped me to uncover the emotional trauma that held me back my entire life. We both worked hard to get through the hurt. Leah was so kind and compassionate and encouraged me to keep going with the process. With her help I have realized what my main lesson was in my lifetime. I still see it clearly and I accept it with all my heart with no hurt. I can live my life with confidence and with peace in my heart. I love you Leah


The way that Leah was able to literally tap into my deep rooted issues and help me get through them is something I couldn’t thank her enough for. The way she combines EFT and her intuitive side is so incredibly powerful. I couldn’t recommend Leah enough!


What a wonderful experience!! I had an intuitive reading with Leah over Zoom. It was insightful and eye opening. Leah has such a calm presence. I felt at ease and was amazed at how much she was able to read into my life. I am going to be working on putting her suggestions into action. I will definitely be using her services again.


Last week, I had a reading with Leah. I have to say I was a bit nervous. But, Leah was easy to talk to and that had calmed my nerves. She was on point with majority of things.